We believe that sustainable impact can only be achieved through long term engagement and commitment by all parties involved.  Therefore, we prioritise long term relationships where the work we support can have durable impact beyond the discrete project implementation.  We are an engaged donor who hopes to promote best practices among our partner organisations for everyone’s benefit.

We seek to promote the development of the art of music; to support projects, music education and activities with the focus and ability to make people’s music making and creativity evolve. We want to help give young people access to good music training and inspirational projects where their music interest and abilities can grow. We will also work to improve access for the public to enjoy high quality music.


The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation under the Signatur Programme aims to contribute to enhanced access to music education that can give young people valuable experience that will strengthen society through social and cultural engagement.

The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation supports music education.